The Master’s Book

Herein shall be inscribed all worthy tales of daring and treachery, of both high adventure and low. Any novitiate of the Skull House may petition the Supreme Prophet to have their story added to the book. Once recorded upon the pale and worm-eaten pages of this most damnable and blasphemous tome, all who enter the House of the Skull may read it.

Let it be known that the Master has placed this doom upon his book: “Any who open and read from it are required to make their own addition to its pages.” It matters not to the Magician’s Skull whether that be a tale of their own or merely a piece of marginalia commenting upon what they have read. However, should you fare from distant Jötunheim, be warned that the Master despises trolls and will blot out their words if they offend him.

It is our dearest wish that mortals admitted into our house share their stories of Swords and Sorcery. And that their noble brothers and sisters discuss what they have written and offer true and wise council that they may ever perfect their art.

Our Dark Master grows bored and despondent as the long millennia grind ever onward, amuse him with stories of epic daring and ultimate evil before the sun burns out and the final darkness claims the earth!

Table of Contents

Vampire Amazons from Planet X by Tobias Loc


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