The Star-Rade

Two days ago I finished re-reading Creatures of Light and Darkness, then I started Asimov’s Foundation series again. A jarring and strange combination to be sure, but it gave me the idea for this short story. Read it here: The Star-Rade.

Kellory the Warlock

So what do I think of Linwood Vrooman Carter? His Conan stuff was not always awesome. I loved Amalric the Mangod from Flashing Swords! #1, but was quite disappointed by the sequel. It set up an epic premise and never delivered on it. The second story was a repeat of the first, same plot twist […]

My writing method (or the lack thereof)

I don’t plan stories. I don’t even figure out what motivates a character until it matters. These are terrible writing methods, but they are how I write. Maybe if I planned more I wouldn’t get writer’s block that lasts a whole year. Still I think that there is some value in spontaneous writing. Zelazny says […]

The Sea of Time

I’ve been reading one of the Kencyrath books, The Sea of Time. If you haven’t heard of them, go read God Stalk right now (or whenever’s convenient, I’m not picky). I found a copy at a college library book sale and read the chapter titles. I was sold when I saw a chapter called, “The […]