The Skull has Spoken

Greetings, I have been in contact with certain non-human entities via e-mail and they assure me that the listing for the Calvariam Domus chapter of the Legion of the Skull will be updated in the magazine’s second issue. Now it will actually have the URL for the site as well as a slightly different description […]

A Welcome to our First Novitiates

The House of the Skull gladly welcomes Soror R.L. and Soror J.R. into its ranks. To honor the occasion I will post the next Ilder’en short story. Read it here (after reading all of the others of course). It’s about a cabal that tries to invoke a spirit too lofty for them to reach. The […]

The Magician’s Skull

Welcome mortal dogs! Members of the Legion of the Skull and devoted slaves to our dark master’s will are free to enter here. All others will be cruelly put to death upon approaching these sacred halls. If four aspirants come to us and beg our teachings, two will die and two will live forever. This […]