A Black Rainbow

I just put up a new story that I wrote yesterday. It’s about an idea that was kicking around in my head for a while. If rainbows lead to fair elfhame (or at least to leprechauns), where would a rainbow devoid of all color lead? Some place far darker and far worse. I also wanted […]

Hosting Drama Part II

Site is back up without any changes whatsoever! But I did learn HTML out of spite. I can now put my stories up off site and link to them, thereby avoiding the need to rely on the terrible text editor that comes baked into WordPress. Still coding the new pages….

So Below (A Non-Post)

The next Ilder’en story is now (sic) published. Why you ask? “For the performance of the miracles of the One Thing!” That’s why. Update: I took it down because I got an idea on how to combine it with another (much longer) story and want to do that before releasing it into the wild. So […]

Kellory the Warlock

So what do I think of Linwood Vrooman Carter? His Conan stuff was not always awesome. I loved Amalric the Mangod from Flashing Swords! #1, but was quite disappointed by the sequel. It set up an epic premise and never delivered on it. The second story was a repeat of the first, same plot twist […]

Sad Tidings

One of the Masters of our Tradition has fallen. She has passed into the outer dark. Do as she bid us and write for the sheer artistry of it, without any regard for commercial concerns. We need to carry on that light in these dark times. Weigh your words with infinite care. Know what good […]