Ilder’en Cycle

Ilder’en is a world of my devising, full of demons of light and darkness. The heights of spiritual illumination are dragged into the deepest reaches of the Abyss, sorcerers dredge the lowest circles of Hell hoping to steal the closely guarded laws of morality that govern the universe, and eternally re-incarnating God-Kings hold the world in their iron grip but know only sorrow and emptiness.

This is a new sub-genre of Sword & Sorcery. It combines the cosmic adventure of Elric and Kane with Gnostic cosmology and the European demonology of the Middle Ages. Perhaps I’ll name it Sorcery & Spirit (until I can think of a better name, if you have one please leave a comment below).

Table of Contents

The Heart that Beats within the Void

As Above



Light’s Shadow

The Star-Rade

So Below

Jarioth’s Saga


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