Demons of Light Progress

I’ve been writing like crazy the last few months. I decided to convert my Demons of Light RPG from my own system to Fate Core. I’d considered using regular Fate a few years ago, but it just didn’t fit somehow. I really like the redesign for the new edition. I’m around 9/28th of the way […]

Polarian Waveform Modulator – Nobilis RPG

Preliminary learning potential assessment complete. Child-Entity Intelligence Rating: 67/900000. Remedial education and mental reprogramming recommended. No curriculum specified by your parental entity. Free study mode engaged. Please select a topic for neuro-spiritual transmission: The Perfect Sovereign Patriotic History Narrative Subdimensional Energy Manipulation Collapsing Reality Waveforms Social Morality Indoctrination Simple Thought Sequencing Advanced Thought Sequencing Logodial […]

Nobilis – Infernal Contract

So I’m finally running a Nobilis game (via Skype). Gave them the equivalent of a zero-level start, everyone had to play a mortal character for the first mission and earn their deification in play. I ran them through the Stygian Library which was a lot of fun. Had a Excrucian Deceiver Shard as the dungeon […]

Demons of Light – Conjuration

I’ve been working on the most involved and difficult part of Demons of Light’s spell system for a couple of months now. I’m sick of D&D Vancian magic. It does the job, but almost every RPG uses it. Plus, the underlying logic of locking spell energy into your brain to release later is weirdly specific […]

Demons of Light RPG – Healing

Lots of progress on Demons of Light. Just finished the medical, blacksmithing, and swordplay skills and got the basic combat mechanic sorted out. I’m saving classes for later. I learned on my last attempt to write this RPG that it’s very hard to design classes if any other part of the game system is still […]

Berserk-ian HP and Damage Rules

Necropaxis had a post about Supernatural Magnitude back in 2018 that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. The basic idea is that some creatures are so far beyond mortals that it’s almost, but not quite, impossible to kill them. This can be modeled with a form of Damage Reduction that is based on division rather […]

AD&D Shadow Magic – Part 2

Here is the second half of the Shadow School write up…. For the first half click here. Bleak Doom Level: 4 Range: 0 Duration: Special AE: Special Components: V ST: None CT: 2 This spell protects the next spell that the wizard casts. The mage must begin casting the spell to be affected in the […]

AD&D Shadow Magic – Part 1

As promised, here are the 2nd edition spells I wrote up for the school of shadow magic. Feel free to use them in your own campaigns if you want. D&D spells are pretty easy to convert between editions, so have at it. I’ll post the second half of the spell list later on. Burning Shadows […]