The Star-Rade

Two days ago I finished re-reading Creatures of Light and Darkness, then I started Asimov’s Foundation series again. A jarring and strange combination to be sure, but it gave me the idea for this short story. Read it here: The Star-Rade.

Blasted Tower Games (A Preview)

Greetings loyal novitiates of the House of the Skull, I have nearly finished coding my new site. It’s more of a re-animation of a long dead and abandoned site really.  The good news is that all of my completed stories are formatted and published there. This includes material I haven’t put up here yet. One […]

A Black Rainbow

I just put up a new story that I wrote yesterday. It’s about an idea that was kicking around in my head for a while. If rainbows lead to fair elfhame (or at least to leprechauns), where would a rainbow devoid of all color lead? Some place far darker and far worse. I also wanted […]

A Welcome to our First Novitiates

The House of the Skull gladly welcomes Soror R.L. and Soror J.R. into its ranks. To honor the occasion I will post the next Ilder’en short story. Read it here (after reading all of the others of course). It’s about a cabal that tries to invoke a spirit too lofty for them to reach. The […]

The Ilder’en Cycle

To start things off I have just published the first story set in the world of Ilder’en. This one is more mythic than my later writing in the series. It is a creation story so it adheres to a slightly different aesthetic than the traditional Sword & Sorcery tale. Still it is best to start […]