The angel did not descend as a golden hawk burning with glory. Its voice did not sound from the hallow depths of the world. The angel did not come. Only the musk of the incense and the echoes of unanswered prayers. The man rose slowly. He had abased himself three times a day for sixteen […]

The Star-Rade

Two days ago I finished re-reading Creatures of Light and Darkness, then I started Asimov’s Foundation series again. A jarring and strange combination to be sure, but it gave me the idea for this short story. Read it here: The Star-Rade.

A Black Rainbow

I just put up a new story that I wrote yesterday. It’s about an idea that was kicking around in my head for a while. If rainbows lead to fair elfhame (or at least to leprechauns), where would a rainbow devoid of all color lead? Some place far darker and far worse. I also wanted […]

So Below (A Non-Post)

The next Ilder’en story is now (sic) published. Why you ask? “For the performance of the miracles of the One Thing!” That’s why. Update: I took it down because I got an idea on how to combine it with another (much longer) story and want to do that before releasing it into the wild. So […]

A Welcome to our First Novitiates

The House of the Skull gladly welcomes Soror R.L. and Soror J.R. into its ranks. To honor the occasion I will post the next Ilder’en short story. Read it here (after reading all of the others of course). It’s about a cabal that tries to invoke a spirit too lofty for them to reach. The […]

The Ilder’en Cycle

To start things off I have just published the first story set in the world of Ilder’en. This one is more mythic than my later writing in the series. It is a creation story so it adheres to a slightly different aesthetic than the traditional Sword & Sorcery tale. Still it is best to start […]