Demons of Light Progress

I’ve been writing like crazy the last few months. I decided to convert my Demons of Light RPG from my own system to Fate Core. I’d considered using regular Fate a few years ago, but it just didn’t fit somehow. I really like the redesign for the new edition. I’m around 9/28th of the way through writing the classes and I’ve got most of the bigger rule additions / changes either done or at least sketched in. Here’s a few Extras and Skills for you to check out:


  • Permissions: An aspect reflecting your office as leader of a cult or coven that practices circle casting. You must operate at Master Sorcerous Scale to take this class.
  • Costs: 2 Refresh, Powers.
  • Retribution: This is determined by which cult you belong to and lead.
  • Class Abilities: As long as you take the Hierophant role in power raising rituals, you gain +4 to the first casting check.
  • Supernatural Powers:
    • Shearing the Flock [-2]: During a circle casting rite you determine what amount of the spell’s stress cost gets assigned to each participant. They have no choice in the matter. If the stress would result in a participant being taken out, you decide if they die, fall into a coma, or pass out.
      • Minus: Participant dies: +2 Shifts of Power.
      • Blank: Participant becomes comatose: +1 Shift of Power.
      • Plus: Participant falls unconscious: No Effect.
    • Taking Your Tithe [-1]: You have introduced a ritual greeting that allows you to touch vital energy points on your follower’s bodies without them noticing the real significance of the gesture. The most common method is tapping specific points on the spine while engaging in some variation on a hug. When you do this you can clear a mild mental consequence by transferring it to your victim. This only works on your followers.
    • Egregore [-Varies] (Requires Egregore Spells): Your cult has a guardian spirit fed by the mental energy of your followers. It embodies their group mind, all of the shared values and beliefs that bind them into a unified organization. Weak egregores naturally form around any social group, but you have taught your followers sorcerous techniques meant to strengthen and refine the cult’s egregore. The cult’s inner circle of adepts can cast certain spells to draw on its power. The egregore has a power stress track with four 1-point boxes. Choose a time of day when your cult is required to perform their devotions: dawn, noon, dusk, or midnight. The egregore’s power track clears at that time each day. See the Cultist class for more about power stress tracks (pg. XX).
      • Refinements:
        • Well of Power [-1]: Add two boxes to the power stress track. You may take this refinement more than once.
        • Telepathic Communion [-1]: All members of the cult are able to spend a Fate Point to send a brief telepathic message to any other member. If the message is important and more than one person needs to know they can send it to the entire cult.
        • Genius Ordo [-1]: Members of the cult are able to spend Fate Points on each other’s behalf. The cultist donating the point must be present and aware of their companion’s situation. The one receiving the point must be performing an action that could benefit from a Fate Point. The transfer must be done willingly and happens instantaneously. The point has to be spent on the round it is given, it can’t be kept.
        • Guardian Spirit [-Varies]: All members of the cult in good standing are protected by its egregore. They gain one point of ward rating against curses and hostile magic per point of Refresh spent on this refinement, up to a maximum of five.

The Golden Furnace Technique

  • Permissions: An aspect reflecting your training in the Golden Flame School.
  • Costs: 2 Refresh
  • Retribution: Enemies of the school are challenged to a formal duel by the local master. If they die justice is served, if they kill the master they may present themselves to the nearest Golden Flame school to receive a victory brand. This cleanses them of their sin in the eyes of the sect and frees them from the vendetta.
  • Class Abilities: When attempting an action or attack that relies mainly on brute force with either the Fight or Physique skill, you may double the bonus your skill ranks grant. Each time you do this the skill you used temporarily decreases by one level. This technique cannot be used to enhance a skill once it’s reduced to zero. Depleted skills recover at the rate of one point per scene and are fully refreshed at the beginning of a new session. Skills reduced to zero indicate lasting trauma to the body and spirit inflicted by pushing too far past human limitations. When this happens you suffer damage equal to the skill’s usual (non-depleted) level. The skill wont begin recovering until all Stress from this damage is removed and any Consequences are in recovery.

Lore: Toadmanry Skill

The secrets of the toad witches and of the society of the horseman’s word are represented by this skill.

Overcome: Knowing things about the rituals and secrets of the toad witches.

Create an Advantage: You may create advantages related to your extraordinary influence over horses and people. This is not supernatural influence, it represents a number of mundane tricks you have learned that help you manipulate others more easily. You can also perform divination by casting horse brasses and interpreting the future based on the positions they land in. This can create vague prediction type aspects on people and things.

Attack: None.

Defend: None.

Legal Stuff

This work is based on Fate Core System and Fate Accelerated Edition (found at, products of Evil Hat Productions, LLC, developed, authored, and edited by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Jeremy Keller, Ryan Macklin, Mike Olson, Clark Valentine, Amanda Valentine, Fred Hicks, and Rob Donoghue, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (

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