Polarian Waveform Modulator – Nobilis RPG

Preliminary learning potential assessment complete. Child-Entity Intelligence Rating: 67/900000. Remedial education and mental reprogramming recommended.

No curriculum specified by your parental entity. Free study mode engaged. Please select a topic for neuro-spiritual transmission:

The Perfect Sovereign

Patriotic History Narrative

Subdimensional Energy Manipulation

Collapsing Reality Waveforms

Social Morality Indoctrination

Simple Thought Sequencing

Advanced Thought Sequencing

Logodial Cosmogony

Spacetime Physics for Child Entities

The History of the Breaking of Worlds

Propaganda to Induce Loyalty

15-Dimensional Geography



Multiversal Inversion Theory

Preventative Superstitions

Reality Engineering

The Perfect Sovereign – “Dharrador the First and Final King, Wielder of Gungnir, Breaker of Worlds, Aeon of the Beginning, and Father of Sorcery fulfills the benevolent despotic tyrant function. You owe the Sovereign absolute unquestioning obedience because it controls the social and governmental conditioning that causes you to owe it obedience.”

  • Bond: “I must obey Dharrador the King.” 5

Patriotic History Narrative – “The Five Founders seeded governmentally approved thought viruses into primitive human cultures during the Exodus of the Root-Races. These Psychic Linguistic entities are not person-entities and do not own citizenship. They are slave functions to the PURPOSE. The Five Founders braved corporeality to exact this alteration.”

Subdimensional Energy Manipulation – “Ingest the The History of the Breaking of Worlds Transmission for Historical perspective on this topic. Subdimensional energy emanates from the borders of the realm of Non-Dimensionality (ingesting lesson on Non-Dimensionality recommended).”

  • Skill: Polarian Sorcery 0

Collapsing Reality Waveforms – “In the primitive arboreal cosmology used to metaphorically illustrate the Perfect Sovereign’s GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT (ingest the The History of the Breaking of Worlds Transmission for Historical perspective on this topic) the matter realms are likened to a string of pearls hung around the tree-entity. They number 554 (after the Breaking) and each contains parallel reality duplication features based on decision-timeline factors. It is fun and easy to split a matter realm’s waveform into two contemporaneous event sequences and re-merge them when you are done playing.”

  • Spell: Reality Waveform Manipulation

Social Morality Indoctrination – “Incorrect thoughts must be calibrated until they are no longer illegal. Illegal thoughts are society’s greatest danger. Only you can stop yourself from thinking thoughts that are censored by the benevolent totalitarian government. Statistic formulas predict that 17.23% of all productive labor entities are reduced in value by thought-related crimes.”

  • Afflictions: “I must not commit commit thought crimes” 2

Simple Thought Sequencing – “Reformat language entities?”

  • Skill: Polarian Language 0
  • Affliction: “My brain’s language centers are scrambled.” 1

Advanced Thought Sequencing – “Higher linguistic thoughtforms transmitted.”

  • Skill: Polarian Language +2
  • Affliction: “My brain’s language centers are scrambled.” +3

Logodial Cosmogony – “The meta-conceptual reality matrix is divided into Aatts, precincts of thought-thinking-itself within the hyper-reality superstructure. Each Aatt intersects conceptual reality spacetime at an angle varying from 361° to 555°, marking the segments along the inverted, ever spiraling not-circle that interpenetrates the illusion of four-dimensional existence. The 194° of negative-geomatry describe the underside of the so-called material world. This is the Wheel of False Stars, the realm beyond matter and perception-of-causal-event-sequences. The Wheel is a hypersphere projected into higher dimensions as a shadow of the mundane zodiac. This is false perception. In reality, the causal relationship between the two flows in the other direction (only slight uncertainty exists on this point). It is made up of the degrees of a circle that exceed three-hundred and sixty. Each degree is an Aatt, the kingdom of a Bornless God. Every two Aatts forms an Aattet, a double realm of two married contradictory powers. Each Aattet contains the double spirit of one of the ninety-seven Letters of the sacred Polarian Tongue.”

  • Spell: Logos

Spacetime Physics for Child Entities – “WILL-THAT-CREATES can be externalized and focused to increase density. Achieving sufficient mass (WC+∞) ǂ E!!2, allows reshaping of space and results in time alterations using the standard formulas for temporal manipulation.”

  • Spell: Temporal Engineering

The History of the Breaking of Worlds – “The Breaking of Worlds occurred because Dharrador performed the first act of “sorcery” and wounded the Ash by stabbing it with his spear. He drank its sap and tied a rope to his spear and to his foot and hung from it upside down with his head deep in the fires of the Weirding Wall. From this vantage point he perceived the true nature of universal dharma and understood the truths and lies that would enable Polarian Science to function. The ever revolving wheel of the Upper Worlds became caught on his spear and shattered. Much of the cosmos was thrown into turmoil as universes fell and collided and merged in the resulting cataclysm.”

Propaganda to Induce Loyalty – “The PURPOSE is just. The PURPOSE is necessary. You will work and terminate your life functions in service to the PURPOSE. The telepathic controls are now implanted. You are now loyal. The hegemonic programming will cause you pleasing but unconscious emotions when you submit to the benevolent totalitarian system that has made you a loyal citizen. Congratulations on becoming a loyal citizen!”

  • Bond: “I must be loyal to the benevolent totalitarian government of Polaris.” 4

15-Dimensional Geography – “Visualize the multiverse as a spinning geometric supercube. The cube spins on fifteen axises according to the whim of its CREATOR INTELLIGENCE ENTITY, expressed as: (Ƹ3/ƟA-5)22ʬ/Cn+ʘ. All existent entities are linked to the cube and are moved concurrent to its rotations, many without perception of said obvious movement. The Link Assemblage is removable, though extended non-linkage is deleterious to organo-energetic survival. While in Non-Linkage State the cube itself is susceptible to applied force according to the parameters of the formula.”

  • Spell: Cube of Space

Non-Dimensionality – “Imagine a line with a break in it, unending, extending in both directions for all eternity. The break is in the Center That Cannot Be. It is a small gap, infinitely small. As such it contains one of the Three Eternities. Infinite diminitude has exact mathematical equivalence to infinite vastness, so though it is impossibly small, the amount of smallness it contains proceeds on forever. The gap is the realm of Non-Dimensionality, the Eternity of Ain Soph (Limitless Non-Existance). Formula: LE:AS=12(∇ʡ)2−V(ǃ)”

Hyper-Dimensionality – “Ingest the Non-Dimensionality & 15-Dimensional Geography Transmissions for example context explanation. The line to the right represents the positive dimensions in common usage by sentient entities of every description. The Cube of Space is the conceptual cosmology modeling these dimensions. A monadic single point, length, breadth, height, time-perception-of-causal-event-sequences. These are the first four positive dimensions experienced by most entities. Beyond them are the hyper-dimensional realms that even the Advanced Thought Entities find treacherous to navigate. To go further is to leave the Fifteen Known Dimensions behind and approach the Eternity of Shemesh Olam. Formula pending committee review.”

Multiversal Inversion Theory – “Ingest the Non-Dimensionality, 15-Dimensional Geography, & Hyper-DimensionalityTransmissions for example context explanation. The line to the left represents the little known negative dimensions. The Scientific Poetry Committee has the following remarks about Multiversal Inversion: There the aborted possibilities of reality crawl away to die. The phases of evolution that nature refused to select, the souls of the unborn and the never born, the rejected thoughts and actions, the mad urges towards self-destruction that burn bright with apocalyptic splendor. Here the known angles of the world are bloody absences, tunneling through the corpse of God. The mad or desperate fools who crawl these Unwalked Roads to their end come at last to the Empty Plateau, the unbeating heart of the Eternity of Solis Nox, The First and Final Darkness, the Irrefutable Negation of All Things. ∞ = -0.

  • Spell: Unwalked Roads

Preventative Superstitions – “A serpent-entity gave birth to an insect-entity. The progeny removed the flesh components from its original. The serpent-entity feels enmity-emotion and devours reality. The End.”

Reality Engineering – “Basic control mapping integrated. Blood composition updated to required standards.”

All Transmissions Successfully Consumed

“Psycho-Gnostic Transmission Integration acceptable and holding at 74.1% stability. Remedial mind reprogramming successful. All further mental conditioning will occur in the normal way.

Initiate Temporal Sparring protocols?”

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