Nobilis – Infernal Contract

So I’m finally running a Nobilis game (via Skype). Gave them the equivalent of a zero-level start, everyone had to play a mortal character for the first mission and earn their deification in play. I ran them through the Stygian Library which was a lot of fun. Had a Excrucian Deceiver Shard as the dungeon boss. One character picked up the skull of a long dead sorcerer named Michal Scott* as a starting item. When they were in trouble the skull offered them a contract with Hell. Had a lot of fun writing this. Included a couple of quotes from the movie Phantom of the Paradise.

*This is a historical character who alledgedly lost his shadow to the devil in a race and rode Satan as a horse faster than thought to Rome and back to check which day Easter was going to be on.


Preamble & Definitions
The Sorcerer-Adeptus Michael Scott, graduate Summa Cum Laude of the venerable Nigrum Schola shall be hereafter known as the party of the first part. The unworthy supplicant to the Powers of the Infernal Lowerarchy shall be known in this contract as the party of the second part. Said Infernal Powers shall be known collectively as the party of the third part. The party of the first part shall fulfill the role of intermediary between the other aforementioned parties, while simultaneously acting as the agent and representative of the party of the third part, who shall act in this regard as their principal.

Provision 1.0
This contract, hereafter referred to as “the agreement”, is subject to provisions 16539.2, 17.4, 6009.9, 092.87, and 4544.1 of the Soul Mortgaging Agreement between the first party and the party of the third part (contract reference number 456930881244123-B). Said agreement shall be considered a Master Contract with full authority over the interpretation and implementation of this agreement. This agreement is therefore a de novo continuation of the Master Contract. When any conflict exists between these agreements, the Master Contract shall take precedence.

Provision 1.1
The party of the fourth part, who may not legally be acknowledged or named, but who is implicitly a signator to this agreement, will not be held responsible nor liable for any actions or non-actions it takes or refrains from taking as a result of any permutation of relationships entered into by any of the aforementioned parties either with each other, or with the Kind Ones who will hereafter always remain exactly three paces behind the party of the second part for so long as this agreement shall be considered valid or until their own contracts are rendered null and void by the immanentization of the eschaton.

Provision 1.2
The party of the second part hereby renounces all capacity to perform “Thought Crimes” against the parties of the first and seventh parts. This renunciation is binding in purpituity and may not be altered by any past or future agreement.

Provision 1.3
All articles which are excluded shall be deemed included.

Provision 1.4-A
The vital life functions of the party of the second part may not be terminated by any outside party or by the party of the second part themselves without prior written permission from the party of the third part. This provision is subject to the same exclusions and limitations outlined in Provision 91887561.8 of the Master Contract. Any and all mortal wounds acquired without consent of the relevant parties shall be considered an infraction of this provision and subject to appropriate sanctions.

Provision 1.4-B
Furthermore, the party of the second part does eternally affirm that they voluntarily transfer possession of their “Free Will” to the party of the third part contingent upon their infraction of any of the provisions of this agreement, until such time as the Lords of Hell deem that they have learned their lesson. The party of the first part may invoke this clause in absentia, ex parte the authority of their principal at any time, with or without legal grounds for their actions and will suffer no liability for abuse or negligence in this regard.

Provision 1.5
This agreement represents a debenture between the parties of the second and third parts. In return for the consideration verbally negotiated between the party of the first part and the party of the second part, to be provided pro tanto by the current Duty Officer in the Office of Infernal Miracles, the party of the second part agrees to render the stipulated payment in the form of good intentions of appropriate weight and value, to be delivered into the keeping of the Office of Infernal Accounting within a period of three earth days after the consideration is reified. The consideration of both parties shall be held to the standard of nemo dat quod non habet, however, if the party of the second part attempts arbitration based upon this clause, Provisions 1.7 and 89.9 shall apply fully. Should either the payment or consideration enter into a state of bona vacantia they shall be remanded into the custody of the nearest Prince of the Bottomless Pit until such time as an infernal audit committee can establish the proper ownership.

Provision 1.6
This agreement shall be a restrictive covenant binding upon the party of the second part for a period of ten million years and twelve days after the termination of this agreement, that they will not in any capacity, aid, serve, further the interests of (either intentionally or inadvertently, through action or inaction), or enter into employment with, the institution known as Heaven (most hateful of enemies and scourge of the universe).

Provision 1.7-A
All complaints or potential or actual arbitration in regard to this agreement by any parties shall be considered de minimis non curat lex.

Provision 1.7-B
All parties waive their right to enter into arbitration pertaining to this agreement within the Locust Court and agree that only the Law of Hell shall apply, both to them and to this agreement.

Provision 1.8 (Transportation Clause)
The party of the second part gives all other parties and their associates full power to do with him, at their pleasure, to rule, to send, fetch or carry him or his, be it either body, soul, flesh, blood or goods.

Provision 1.9
The party of the second part, under the legal aegis of the Fallen Angels, is authorized to offer, tempt, coerce, and negotiate de novo contracts derivative of this agreement with other parties, acting in this regard as an agent on Hell’s behalf. This privilege is contingent upon him maintaining uberrima fides with Hell, completion of the relevant mandatory training courses, and a complete absence of infractions against the provisions of this agreement. Barring further negotiation, the consideration for each new victim an agent signs into a covenant with Hell shall be 1% pro rata to the total number of victims signed to a maximum of 44.4% of the consideration said victims render under contract.

Provision 2.0
All other provisions of this contract shall be identical to provisions 2.0 through 999999999999.9 inclusive, in the Master Contract. In accordance with Hell’s Green Carbon Reduction policy, said provisions shall not be appended to this contract in an effort to reduce extraneous paper waste.

Unfortunately, they didn’t go for it, which is the smart play really. But it would have been very amusing if they did. Feel free to modify and use this as a handout in your own games if you want.

One thought on “Nobilis – Infernal Contract

  1. Hello Tobias, Geez, you must always have creative juices flowing and thinking about what to write, I have much admiration for that gifted ability! Handling all this virus craziness with peace of mind, I hope. Same old with me. Missing the pups and kids. I continue to hike just about daily, helps calm the mind. Read ‘The Prophet’ by Khalil Gibran today, such great poetry. Hello to all! Janet

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