Bacterialogical-Logodial-Psychodellic Sorcery (Intro)

Working on a new RPG project. I don’t know yet if it’s a full game or a system neutral magic system or if it should use an existing game as a base. Maybe LotFP or DCC? Though it does have more of a modern feel. I’d go with Unknown Armies in a heart beat but they have a very specific world-view based magic system and I’m not sure how well it’d mix. Same goes for Nephilim, In Nomine, and Kult. I’ve always hated the generic spell system that comes with GURPS, but I don’t like GURPS enough to try fixing it (besides Kenneth Hite already fixed it with the Cabal supplement). Not sure what a good sturdy modern day system would be. Certainly not going for d20 Modern…. Need to think about it. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

UPDATE: I’m seriously considering ditching the modern day setting and grafting this system into my Demons of Light RPG. Also added some more explanatory text about the structure of the system.

Here’s the highly pretentious introduction text:

The Aatts and the Cosmogeny

The meta-conceptual reality matrix is divided into Aatts, precincts of thought-thinking-itself within the hyper-reality superstructure. Each Aatt intersects conceptual reality spacetime at an angle varying from 361° to 555°, marking the segments along the inverted, ever spiraling not-circle that interpenetrates the illusion of four-dimensional existence. The 194° of negative-geomatry describe the underside of the so-called material world. This is the Wheel of False Stars, the realm beyond matter and perception-of-causal-event-sequences. The Wheel is a hypersphere projected into higher dimensions as a shadow of the zodiac. In reality, the causal relationship between the two probably flows in the other direction, but no one is certain. It is made up of the degrees of a circle that exceed three-hundred and sixty. Each degree is an Aatt, the kingdom of a Bornless God. Every two Aatts forms an Aattet, a double realm of two married contradictory powers. Each Aattet contains the double spirit of one of the ninety-seven Letters of the sacred Polarian Tongue.

Intelligences look inward through the burning eyes of plague-molecules, through the carcinogenic perfume wafting to heaven from the concrete prayer-wheels of modernity, through the fungal transfiguration twisting in the bloodstreams of the young as they dance and rave in the dark night of the oversoul. These are the avenues of power, these are the roads that cross, the field of sacrifice where that-which-is-not may traffick freely with all-that-is.

The roads are not enough by themselves. Barren tracks that lead to dark steel walls on every side. The spilling of bright blood in the night, the elixir of the tantrika, the evocation of petty gods and demons, none of it is enough to do more than knock on the doors. The WORD is the only true key, the syllables and letters of Polarian-Atlanian-Hyperborean-Muian-Nacaal are false echos of this WORD. Faulty punctuation and vowel stressing, corruption-by-incarnation, and the Million Kalpa fall of time through space have warped these esoteric linguistic fragments beyond all truth. This is the Tongue of the Moon, the Mouth-that-vomits-lies-before-the-Face-of-God. Distant power, deranged and feral stalks the corridors of its vocabulary. Shaitain and Taus Melek spread their peacock plumes and wait hungrily when it passes the lips of the Adeptus. Such is the lot of common sorcerers burdened by grave secrets. It is not enough to rend the veil.

The shadow haunted lunar speech contains the Seed of the Sun, the spark of truth buried within the ever-shifting lies of its conceptual matrix. Psycho-physical alignment to one of Aatts and an intermediary vessel are required to forge gold from silver. A magistellus to ride the sorcerer and pour the sweet nectar of reality into his-her-their voice. An ally to burn the death out of the words that throw the world into chaos. A crutch for walking blind without the worlds knowable to mortal minds.

This is true sorcery.


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