Updates from the Skull & I

So the Swords & Sorcery book is coming along slowly. Just finished a story and started a new one. I’m at around 74 pages of material so far, which is a lot for me since I tend to write “super short” short stories. Well, with the exception of The Jarioth Cycle which I wrongly consider a novella. It’s around 30 pages in all, but most of my stories are 1-2 pages max, so by comparison it is totally a novella (it depicts an epic battle between a Qlippotic God loosed from its negative dimension and the Mortal-Gods of Ilder’en, so go check it out).skull_kick2

My membership in the Legion of the Skull necessitates my putting a word in for their new kickstarter. They are putting out a third and fourth issue of their pulp magazine and offering subscriptions. As always they will have Dungeon Crawl Classics stats for all of the cool monsters and items featured in the stories. Official announcement is to the right (probably, may depend on your device).

I’ve got another post of Nobilis campaign notes in the works, I’ll probably post it tomorrow. More Rex Mundi stuff and some material to make mortals more interesting. I’m also considering a series of 2nd edition AD&D posts since I wrote up a spell list from scratch for a custom school back when I was in a 2nd edition game. I’ll have to dig it out. Does anyone out there still use or miss THAC0? I miss the insane Gygaxian logic behind it….

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