Nobilis and Rex Mundi

So, we’ve been talking about Nobilis and campaign building for it. I’m pulling from a lot of sources because I have several multiverses to fill up with content before the game is ready. The scope of the game is just that big.


Next up is the brilliant comic Rex Mundi. Alternate history, France taking Germany’s place in a WWI / WWII fascist bid for world dominance, vampires and werewolves, inquisitors in iron masks, and the descendants of the secret bloodline of Christ fighting to rule the world.

You know how the Da Vinci Code was pretty shitty? This is drawing on the same source material but doing it right.

This Bond is meant for mortals. Those who have the blood lose their claim to the Throne when they become Powers.

Rex Mundi (Bond)
You are the secret “King of the World”, you belong to a hidden bloodline and are destined to rule your dimension as a cosmic philosopher-king. Each world on the Chain of Worlds has such a ruler. It is a mantle passed on through blood and claimed through terrible initiations into the deepest of secret rites. Refer to the following table for what each rank means:

    1. You have a trace of the San Graal Blood, but others were born closer to the throne. If you were to find and remove them from the succession….

    2. You are a strong potential heir to the World Throne. Maybe even next in line. You probably know or are related to the current World King.

    3. The throne is yours! Beware of rivals. You may operate publicly as a high ranking political figure or clandestinely from the shadows. Either way, your right to rule the planet is still a guarded secret. You have powerful influence and vast wealth, but must still bide your time.

    4. You have mastered the Lesser Mystery of the Graal and survived. You gain one Common Gift worth 1 CP for free. This is the first manifestation of the power of your sacred blood.

    5. The secrets of the Higher Mysteries are yours. You may cast mortal sorcery using this skill. If you already know sorcery, add your ranks from this skill to any spell you cast.

    6. The Graal is immanentize within your soul. You gain the Glorious and Immutable Gifts for free. If you don’t openly rule the world by now, you’re just not trying.

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