Nobilis and Fuse Misers and Infinite Power

So Fire on the Velvet Horizon is my kind of crazy. After reading Veins of the Earth, I had to get it. Seriously, Patrick and Scrap are a badass team. Here is my Nobilis adaptation of the Fuse Miser, and the reality loopholes it opens up.

Fuse Miser Compact
Add up all of your Bonds. You gain an Affliction at a level equal to this number (the maximum is 5). The Affliction is called Fuse Miser Compact. Your flesh blackens and chars and your head burns off. Your soul stretches out of your neck and becomes a long fuse. It ignites and the fire at the end is your head now. All of your potential life energy is condensed and you burn bright, but the brightest lights burn the fastest. Your Will Score increases to 10 and you can always add 2 Strike to any Skill or Miracle contest for free. You gain 20 free Destiny that you can assign as you wish. In return your lifespan is drastically shortened. Your fuse is burning down (if it’s ever prematurely extinguished you fall unconscious until it’s re-lit). Each year (month if your a Power) reduce the Fuse Miser Compact Affliction by one level. When it reaches zero your flame dies and you cease to exist, drifting down into Negative Reality. Powers of the Wild (particularly Aaron’s Serpents) can grant this pact if they feel like it.

So, what happens if a Nobilis with an infinite lifespan makes the pact? Obviously, infinite power floods into them and they burn like the brightest light in the universe, for maybe five minutes….

Infinite Power
Only Supreme Beings can wield Infinite Power without serious personal consequences. Imperators are not Supreme Beings, they are limited by the Estates they hold. Possessing every Estate would make an Imperator supreme, but the reverse is also possible. A being that possesses nothing whatsoever can sometimes become everything. It is the Middle Road that keeps one from ultimate enlightenment (after all who can understand the sense of humor of the Buddha? He probably added in all that moderation stuff to keep gullible fools from attaining cosmic power).

Supreme Miracles: Those who employ Infinite Power may perform Supreme Miracles. These can defeat an Imperial Miracle with moderate difficulty and can only be easily countered with an opposing Supreme Miracle. Several Imperators working together might hold a Supreme Miracle at bay for a time, but it would take every Imperator or every Noble working in unison to utterly defeat one.

Guaranteed Method for Attaining Infinite Power (The Fatal Matchstick Maneuver)

  1. Be Eternal or Immortal.

  2. Enter into the Fuse Miser Compact with the Serpents of the Wild.

  3. The potentially infinite energy that would have sustained your life for all time is concentrated into your body right now.

  4. You may wield Supreme Miracles using any Estate that exists or doesn’t exist.

  5. After one scene of this nonsense, the unlimited energy decided it doesn’t like being contained within a single entity and your dharmic existence transcends reality into meaningless abstraction.

  6. You lose your Eternal and / or Immortal Gifts and are hurled into one of the Three Eternities where you are trapped forever. You aren’t necessarily out of play, as it is possible, though very difficult, to return from such a place.


Notice: “Fire on the Velvet Horizon” was written by Patrick Stuart and illustrated by Scrap Princess. It is published under: This particular post is therefore under the same license. Changes and additions were made to the original material.

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