Sabbatic Spirit Flight (Magic-User Spell)

oYuLoe9Sabbatic Spirit Flight
: 1st
Duration: Up to 12 hours (See Below)
Range: Touch
Area of Effect: One broom (though a distaff, pitchfork, pig, or goat can be used in a pinch).

Effect: The magic-user prepares an ointment containing hensbane, belladonna, poppy, monkshood, hemlock, and mandrake. They anoint their broom and themselves with the noxious salve and collapse in a hallucinogenic trance. Their astral body separates from their physical body and they enter the astral plane. The astral form of their broom accompanies them and acts as a Broom of Flight until the spell ends. The spell can only be cast at night and ends when the first cock’s crow is heard or the sun rises. The sound of church bells can be heard on the astral plane, and if the caster hears them the spell ends instantly. If the spell ends normally the caster is returned to their body. If it ends prematurely they are stranded on the Astral Plane.

: 2nd
Duration: Up to 12 hours (See Below)
Range: Touch
Area of Effect: One broom with a lit candle attached to the far end of the handle (though a distaff, pitchfork, pig, or goat can be used in a pinch).

Effect: The magic-user prepares a poisonous flying ointment and rubs it into their broom. For one night it becomes a Broom of Flight (as per the magic item). The broom only works for the caster. The spell has the same special duration and casting limitations as Sabbatic Spirit Flight, but if it is ended by the sound of church bells the caster may experience a fatal fall out of the sky.

These spells are for the Harry Clarke competition by Cavegirl’s Game Stuff and are

Rant about Improper Broomstick Riding Imagery
So one thing about Harry Potter and practically every other depiction of the witch’s broom annoys me. They never get it right. The traditional way to ride a broomstick is facing the bristles with a candle attached to the shaft behind you (near the top). I’m happy to see that Mr. Clarke got it right. The book The Day After Judgement (the sequel to Black Easter) is one of the few other places where I’ve seen the correct method of broom riding depicted. If you haven’t read this particular duology I can’t recommend it enough. James Blish at his best. I really ought to review them sometime….

As an aside, I never liked Astral Projection being 9th level. Traveling outside the body is what witches are known for. The encounter tables for the astral plane are disincentive enough to prevent any abuses, especially while the character is still low level. I’ll have different spell stats (since I’m still working on the magic system) but both of these uses of broomstick and flying ointment are going into the Witch class in my Demons of Light RPG.

Edit: Cleaned up the repetition in the second spell description.

2 thoughts on “Sabbatic Spirit Flight (Magic-User Spell)

  1. Real good stuff! Perhaps put the last paragraph about casting the spell at night and ending at morning below the spell descriptions, to avoid repeating it?


    1. I can see that. I was originally going to make it one third level spell with a choice of either effect, but I decided that I didn’t want new witches to have to wait until 5th level to go to the Sabbat. I edited the spells to avoid the repetition and define exactly what happens when they are ended early.


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