Harry Clarke Project – The Ideal Sword








Armour class: As Plate
Hit dice: 15
Move: As a human (levitating)
Attacks: Slash (3d8 damage), Impale (see below), or Special Power
No. Appearing: 1 (unique) Morale: 12
Treasure: 1d10 pieces of jewelry worn by the impaled corpses, each worth 50 GP, other miscellaneous belongings of little worth.
Alignment: Chaotic

During a fierce war against Hell, a desperate angel broke into the realm of pure ideation and stole the Platonic Ideal of Swords. With it she lead a charge into the heart of the inferno and dealt Mephistopheles a terrible blow. She died of her wounds soon after and the sword was lost deep in the bottomless pit. It passed from one Demon Prince to another until at last it escaped into the mortal realm. Here it manifests as a blade fit for a giant, with dozens of corpses adorning its length. Because of its unique nature it has the following powers:

Platonic Perfection: It embodies the very concept of swords. It is utterly immune to all damage dealt by any type of sword and it can force anyone wielding a blade to attack a target of its choosing if they fail a save vs magic. It may do this once a round.

Grace of Heaven: The lifeblood of a martyred angel once touched it. There is a 25% chance during any battle involving devils that it will remember. If this happens it will target the devils exclusively. If it lands a blow on one, the voice of its first master will ring out and cast the Holy Word spell. It may only do this once per day.

Filth of the Pit: The Ideal Sword’s long sojourn in Hell corrupted it. It may Gate 1d2 Pit Fiends with a 30% chance or one named Prince of Hell with a 10% chance. If it succeeds in either summoning, immediately roll to see if its Grace of Heaven power activates.

The Ideal Sword acts as a Sword of Sharpness if it rolls a “19” on its attack roll. A natural “20” means that the sword has impaled its victim. Their soul is ripped from their body and consumed by the blade. They may not be raised from the dead until the Sword is destroyed. As a metal creature it takes double damage from acid. The Sword suffers from insane blood lust and will never retreat.

This monster is for the Harry Clarke competition by Cavegirl’s Game Stuff and is https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/.

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