Gencon and other Delusions

Just got back from Indy a couple days ago, and I can almost function normally again. Saw some people I hadn’t seen in quite a while and bought the mandatory Kenneth Hite book (Qelong for LotFP). When it comes to the way I want to portray the occult in RPGs, he’s the guy who’s been blazing that particular trail.

Have you ever been struggling with something for years and finally felt that you held its still beating heart in your hands, and if you wanted to you could squeeze? That happened to me yesterday. A few new ideas here and there and ditching an old format was all it took. More on this later. Why? To be deliberately vague of course. But also because I don’t like discussing any creative project while I’m still in the early phases of working on it. It seems to suck the momentum right out of it and kill the project. Not sure why.

Also, don’t run a DCC game that lasts till midnight on the night before your super early flight home. The game was really fun, but not sleeping for two days wasn’t….

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