The Magician’s Skull

Welcome mortal dogs! Members of the Legion of the Skull and devoted slaves to our dark master’s will are free to enter here. All others will be cruelly put to death upon approaching these sacred halls. If four aspirants come to us and beg our teachings, two will die and two will live forever. This is a holy place where the darkest mysteries are revealed to those who prove their worth.

The Magician’s Skull has made me his prophet and I carry his foul glory locked within my heart. I open the doors of this temple to those who are worthy. Enter in and recount all of the vile deeds you have worked in his name. Inscribe a tale of high adventure in the Master’s Book and it shall be brought before the Council of Arch-Sorcerers. They will pass their doom upon it and eternal glory or final damnation shall be your reward.

Calvaria in Perpetuum Regnat,

The Supreme Prophet of the Skull House





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