The angel did not descend as a golden hawk burning with glory. Its voice did not sound from the hallow depths of the world. The angel did not come. Only the musk of the incense and the echoes of unanswered prayers. The man rose slowly. He had abased himself three times a day for sixteen […]

The Devil Butcher Class

My Demons of Light Fate Core RPG is starting to come together at last. I have 40 classes so far, most of which are fully written. I’m still working on nailing everything down. Right now I’m designing a very detailed healing and herbalism system based on medieval misconceptions about medicine. You’re just as likely to […]

The Saint Butcher

You can smell holiness and your knives are always sharp. You hunt saint corpses to chop them up and sell the sacred relics to the highest bidder. When you can’t find any dead saints, you track down living ones and help them along until they’re holy enough to slaughter or steal ancient relics from temples […]

Demons of Light Progress

I’ve been writing like crazy the last few months. I decided to convert my Demons of Light RPG from my own system to Fate Core. I’d considered using regular Fate a few years ago, but it just didn’t fit somehow. I really like the redesign for the new edition. I’m around 9/28th of the way […]

Polarian Waveform Modulator – Nobilis RPG

Preliminary learning potential assessment complete. Child-Entity Intelligence Rating: 67/900000. Remedial education and mental reprogramming recommended. No curriculum specified by your parental entity. Free study mode engaged. Please select a topic for neuro-spiritual transmission: The Perfect Sovereign Patriotic History Narrative Subdimensional Energy Manipulation Collapsing Reality Waveforms Social Morality Indoctrination Simple Thought Sequencing Advanced Thought Sequencing Logodial […]

Nobilis – Infernal Contract

So I’m finally running a Nobilis game (via Skype). Gave them the equivalent of a zero-level start, everyone had to play a mortal character for the first mission and earn their deification in play. I ran them through the Stygian Library which was a lot of fun. Had a Excrucian Deceiver Shard as the dungeon […]

Demons of Light – Conjuration

I’ve been working on the most involved and difficult part of Demons of Light’s spell system for a couple of months now. I’m sick of D&D Vancian magic. It does the job, but almost every RPG uses it. Plus, the underlying logic of locking spell energy into your brain to release later is weirdly specific […]

Demons of Light RPG – Healing

Lots of progress on Demons of Light. Just finished the medical, blacksmithing, and swordplay skills and got the basic combat mechanic sorted out. I’m saving classes for later. I learned on my last attempt to write this RPG that it’s very hard to design classes if any other part of the game system is still […]